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Is My Pillow A Christian Company?

Since the explosion of MyPillow, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the company, some of which are about Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow. These questions can sometimes help us make decisions about whether we should get their pillow, what we think about Lindell, and what our ultimate view of the company is.

Lindell, however, has given us some insight on what his life is like through his company's infamous commercials, whether it be his relationship with his daughter or his humanitarian values. What he hasn't explicitly stated, but has most definitely alluded to, are his religious beliefs, if he has any at all. That is what we are going to explore in this article, and sort of delve into whether his religious efforts serve only himself or thousands of other people in his state and elsewhere.

Lindell's Early Addictions

Before we delve into whether Lindell is religious or not, we need to have an understanding of what would drive him to be religious. To start, Lindell was plagued with drug addictions as a young adult. His addiction stretched from cocaine to alcohol, from the late 1980's to the early days of the MyPillow business. He lost everything due to his addictions, including his house and his marriage, with his business barely surviving.

Christian Efforts

To save MyPillow, Lindell is said to have prayed several times, most likely for several years, asking God to rebuild his life and protect his business, and also help him give up his terrible addictions. According to the documentary titled The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream, January of 2009 marked the start of Lindell's new clean, sober, and prosperous life.

After MyPillow took off in 2015, Lindell decided to pay back God for what He had done for him. Lindell did this by offering to donate thousands of MyPillows to the Twin Cities Salvation Army housing programs. Lindell founded the Lindell Foundation in 2017, a Christian organization dedicated to helping local victims of addiction as well as MyPillow employees.

In light of the hurricanes that devastated the states of Florida and Texas late in the year, Lindell gathered a total 80,000 pillows to donate to the victims of the natural disaster. As for the Lindell Foundation, it became a recovery center for all people dealing with personal issues.


Mike Lindell had to overcome a lot in order save his business, and his MyPillow might not have been founded on Christian beliefs, but it has made Christianity a driving factor behind their humanitarian efforts. As for Mike Lindell, according to a Salvation Army interview, it wouldn't have affected his faith if he lost his company. So yes, MyPillow is a Christian company that has been directly affected by the works of God.

Post by nigerianyemeni (2018-04-20 07:48)

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